This Company Had Logo Revolution!

This Company Had Logo Revolution!

You won’t believe what these famous companies’ logos once looked like!

You may think you know everything about logo design… but how far does your knowledge stretch back in time? Many of today’s most ubiquitous logos began life as something very different, and we’ve got six great examples.

Below you’ll see just a close-up on each original logo; can you identify the brand from it? (You might find this tricky, but there should still be enough clues to make an educated guess.)

Once you’ve settled on your answer, click the right arrow over the image and you’ll uncover the original logo in full. This may or may not clarify things!

Finally click through once again, where you’ll find the modern logo for the brand. Below, we’ll explain a little bit of the history behind both designs. Good luck!

01. Buddhist beauty

Can you guess the well-known brand from a close-up on their original logo?

Answer: Canon

Japanese camera manufacturer Canon may have been around for almost a century, but it’s not always had the same name. 

The company was originally founded as Seikikōgaku kenkyūsho, and produced the Kwanon, a prototype for Japan’s first-ever 35mm camera with a focal-plane-based shutter. 

The original illustrated logo from 1934 depicts Bodhisattva Kwan’on, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, who was said to embody the company’s vision of creating the best cameras in the world. And the illustration of “Kwanon with 1,000 Arms”, surrounded by flames, is certainly attention grabbing.

Japanese camera manufacturer Canon switched its name from Kwannon in 1935

When the company began full-scale marketing in 1935, though, they changed their name to Canon and introduced a new, more corporate logo, albeit remarkable for the innovative style of its letter ‘C’, with a sharp point at the top. 

Over the next two decades, the Kwannon brand and its wilder, more expressive logo was gradually phrased out. The current version of the Canon logo, meanwhile, dates back to 1956, which in terms of longevity is pretty impressive to say the least.

02. Monochrome magic

Here’s the whole thing… but are you any the wiser?

Answer: Shell

Yes, energy giant Shell has always had a shell for its logo emblem, albeit a very different looking one to today’s well known yellow and red emblem. 

The original trademark, a flat, monochrome scallop shell, first appeared in 1891 to represent the kerosene being shipped to the Far East by a small London business Marcus Samuel and Company, which dealt originally in antiques, curios and… you guessed it… oriental seashells. 

Shell’s familiar yellow-and-red logo was designed by Raymond Loewy in 1971

In 1987, this design inspired the naming of Samuel’s newly formed Shell Transport and Trading Company. By 1904 the familiar Pecten seashell logo was introduced, although still in black and white, until the famous palette of yellow and red was added in 1948. 

That colour scheme is said to have been inspired by the Spanish flag, and was first used in the new service stations opening up in California; a state with strong connections to the Iberian nation.

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