This Student Make Everybody Shock With His Paper

This Student Make Everybody Shock With His Paper

The paper’s adviser accused school district officials in California of censorship after they demanded to approve the article before publication.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Central California high school newspaper has published an article about an 18-year-old student who works in the porn industry after a fight with the district that the paper’s adviser said violated free speech.

The Lodi Unified School District didn’t stop the story, “Risky business: starting a career in the adult entertainment industry,” from running Friday in the Bear Creek High School paper, The Bruin Voice.

The article profiles a student, Caitlin Fink, who sells nude photos of herself, is a member of an erotic video website, has signed a contract with a porn agency, and aspires to be a stripper.

Bear Creek High School student newspaper adviser Kathi Duffel, left, and student journalist Bailey Kirkeby talk about the Lodi Unified School District’s attempts at suppressing a story that Kirkeby wrote about a current 18-year-old student who works in the porn industry, in Stockton, California on April 26, 2019.

The paper’s adviser, English teacher Kathi Duffel, had accused district officials of censorship after they demanded to review and approve the article before publication. In an April 11 letter, district Superintendent Cathy Nichols-Washer warned of possible discipline, “up to and including dismissal” if she refused.

Duffel refused on free speech grounds, and officials in the San Joaquin Valley district, which has about 31,500 students, agreed to let an attorney review the story. Matthew Cate, who represents Duffel and the student who wrote the article, concluded that the story didn’t violate education codes.

A lawyer for the district, Paul Gant, wrote to Cate on Wednesday to say the district wouldn’t prevent publication of the story. But Gant also called Duffel insubordinate for refusing to submit the article for review, and said, “There is no question that the article could be lawfully reviewed or censored,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“Because the district has been denied an opportunity to preview the article, the district does not endorse it,” the district said in a statement. “Because we are charged with the education and care of our community’s children, we will always be diligent in our efforts to provide a safe learning environment for all students, while complying with our obligations under the law.”

Duffel had told the paper that the article doesn’t glamorize pornography, but it “will help students think more critically about the choices they do make at this age in their lives.”

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